Livingston County Vaccine Safety Campaign

Client: Livingston County Department of Health
Vaccine Safety Campaign

Livingston County Department of Health sought an experienced agency to develop a marketing campaign to de-bunk the myth that childhood vaccines are unsafe. Metrix was selected as the agency of record based on a stringent RFP process and their expertise, and was charged with the task of creating a campaign that could be replicated nationwide.

Despite the sensitive nature of the project, Metrix worked closely with a mother whose son is institutionalized from contracting Pertussis (whooping cough) as an infant. The challenge was to depict the devastating consequences of not vaccinating a child, but without photographing her son. Instead, Metrix captured the mother’s compelling story in a radio commercial, print advertisement and billboard as an appeal for parents to get their children vaccinated. In another creative approach, a pediatrician and mother of two encourages parents to get their kids vaccinated just as she does her own children. A third concept was used to reinforce the message. All creative elements were designed to be used in other communities across the nation.

The department also commissioned Metrix to conduct focus groups to evaluate the impact of the newly crafted advertising materials. The feedback was used to finalize the materials.