Monroe County Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention

Client: Monroe County Department of Public Health
Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention Campaign

Monroe County Department of Public Health recognized a gap in lead paint poisoning prevention efforts in Monroe County: virtually 100 percent of the efforts to raise awareness about lead paint poisoning were focused on residents of the City of Rochester and the landlords, painters and other contractors who serve them. Few people outside the City of Rochester recognized lead paint as an environmental hazard in their own lives, despite the very high percentage of pre-1978 homes in many suburban communities. In addition, little had been done to make consumers aware of the concrete, practical steps they should take to prevent contaminating their homes during remodeling, renovation and repainting.

Despite significant effort and expense which had been directed at training landlords, re-modelers, painters and other contractors in lead-safe work practices, there was little demand for what are often more expensive lead-safe services aside from those situations where it is mandated by law or regulation.

Metrix developed a strategy to build demand for lead-safe contractors among consumers in suburban communities through a combination of radio, television and guerrilla marketing tactics (see photo) that emphasized the need to hire lead safe contractors and sought to build consumer knowledge about the practical steps they could take to keep their families safe.