Emil Hansen, Business Development

Renaissance man. Jack of all trades. Autodidact. (say what?)

emil-hansen.pngWhen Emil isn’t at Metrix, making clients’ marketing dreams come true, you can find him tinkering with one of his vehicles, playing in the garden, or making some artistic creation. A few unfortunate souls might find him singing, or get a laugh watching him dance to Rockabilly.

At the office, Emil brings 14 years of prior advertising and marketing experience, helping a broad spectrum of businesses increase their R.O.I. He specializes in getting to know you and your business, then finding creative and efficient ways to maximize results. Aligning with Metrix’s principles, client relationships are número uno for Emil.

He earned a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and advertising at Nazareth College. He’s a proud 1st generation American, a native to Rochester, and has two grown children.

To know the true core of where it all starts for Emil, is to know the significance of a few words: “relationship,” “passion,” “creativity,” “enthusiasm,” “optimism,” “unconventional,” and “challenge” (there’s an acronym in there somewhere).

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