John Riley, CEO/Creative Director

Multi-faceted. Multi-talented.
And a head full of arcane information.

John RileyHang around Metrix long enough and you’re likely to learn some utterly useless, but fascinating, little tidbit about how something works or why something happened from our CEO and Creative Director, John Riley. A lifetime of curiosity has provided answers to thousands and thousands of questions; answers which he simply never forgets.

As our chief creative and strategic thinker, he applies that curiosity to his clients’ business, figuring out why customers and prospects behave the way they do. With that in mind, he oversees the agency’s creative process, working with graphic designers, photographers, writers and illustrators to help them develop creative output that aligns with the client’s strategic objectives.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and literature and is the co-founder of Metrix Marketing, Inc. Prior to Metrix, he was Director of Communications and Special Events for Monroe County. He also worked as a newspaper reporter in New York and Ohio. Governor George E. Pataki appointed him to chair the New York State Tobacco Prevention and Control Advisory Board in 2001, where he served until 2008. He was a founding board member of Bivona Child Advocacy Center, where he served until 2009. He lives in Pittsford with his wife and two children.

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