Molly Dilts, Account Coordinator

Molly is a recent Rochester transplant from Pittsburgh, PA. She has BA degrees in Communication Arts and Sciences and Women’s Studies from the Pennsylvania State University. In her spare time, she blogs about geek culture, frequents Rochester’s record shops, and volunteers with a local beekeeping organization.

When she is not reading comics or exploring the city, Molly is learning new things every single day with the Metrix Marketing team.

As an account coordinator, Molly believes that every single detail counts when it comes to serving her clients. She utilizes her excellent communication skills, broad knowledge of social media platforms, and diverse writing experience to satisfy all of her clients’ needs quickly, creatively, and successfully. Whether creating social media content, scheduling events, writing website media or email blasts, on set at a film shoot, or communicating one-on-one with clients and their customers, Molly makes sure that every detail is perfectly executed.

Molly has a background in social justice and non-profit marketing from her time working with the National Women’s Law Center and the Pennsylvania State University Women’s Studies Department. She is passionate about social media and its ability to create community, educate on social issues, and facilitate activism. Working at Metrix has shown her firsthand that with the right marketing team, all of these goals are possible and more.

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