About Us

Metrix is a full-service advertising agency. But, really, that label doesn’t do us justice.

For some clients, our relationship is that of a traditional advertising agency, where we’re asked to execute specific advertising tasks. We do that and do it well and would be happy to do it for you.

But for some clients, our role is more akin to an external marketing department. We work with them from the ground up, with planning, strategy, and execution. For other clients, we put staff in the field, meeting with their prospective customers, making the case for the client directly.

Whatever your needs—from market research, strategic planning, advertising, public relations, guerrilla marketing, media buying—we’ll work with you to achieve your marketing objectives.

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Kaylee Murray – Chief Executive Officer
Kathy Driscoll – New Business Liaison
Katy Kuczek – Graphic Designer
Denise Greenaway – Recruiter and Engagement Specialist
Cooper- Chief Happiness Officer
Rebecca Schell – Content Creator and Recruiter

The Founding of Metrix

John Riley, Founder

Metrix Marketing was founded by John Riley in January 2002. John, who had a successful career as a reporter in Ohio and New York, shifted his professional path to start a family. He then served as the Director of Communications and Special Events for Monroe County, NY. Over nine years, John’s deepening passion for marketing, especially the research aspect which leveraged his journalistic skills, became evident. Upon leaving the county, he established Metrix Marketing to continue his marketing endeavors. John’s unique approach and vision are key factors in transforming Metrix from a conventional advertising agency to the bespoke services agency it is today.

John advocated strongly for billing transparency at Metrix, a principle he deemed crucial. Having been on the client side for many years, he understood the need to differentiate Metrix from traditional firms. This led to a project-based billing approach, moving away from the typical hourly rates, which he felt amounted to nickel-and-diming clients. John’s tenure as CEO and Creative Director was marked by his leadership through early financial challenges, the transition from traditional to social media advertising, and the establishment of Metrix as a successful company.

John’s willingness to embrace new technology and stay ahead of trends was instrumental in shaping Metrix’s culture. This legacy of innovation and forward-thinking continues to drive Metrix today, as we uphold the Metrix Promise.