Al-Anon/ Alateen

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When we started work for Al-Anon/Alateen, public awareness of the organization’s mission was relatively low & membership was declining, despite there being over 27,000 organized Al-Anon Family Groups in 115 countries.  As a result, Al-Anon sought to better understand the public’s perception, as well as improve the organization’s image, brand recognition, & positioning.  Our work included market research, preparation of a marketing plan, & development of a branding strategy.  

Our Al-Anon research project was a massive undertaking: 12 focus groups in six cities in the United States and Canada and two nationally significant telephone surveys, one in each country.  One was a focus group study & the other, a telephone survey. 

These studies helped Metrix & the client get a much deeper understanding of the general public’s awareness level of Al-Anon’s mission, philosophy, services, & brand identity as well as reasons for widespread misunderstanding & misconceptions.  Metrix was then able to recommend a number of strategies & corrective measures, which were detailed in a comprehensive Marketing & Brand Development Plan that we also prepared for Al-Anon.