Genesee Community College

Prior to working with Metrix Marketing, Genesee Community College had a number of challenges.  Their broadcast creative & marketing messaging was tired, their website lacked critical elements and their media buy lacked strategic focus. This was occurring in the environment that all colleges face: a shrinking base of high school graduates to recruit from. They also faced a critical need to do a better job recruiting non-traditional students to help fill the void created by shrinking numbers of traditional students.

Metrix Marketing’s efforts for GCC began with consulting work to define the non-traditional student target audience. From there, we stepped in with a creative plan to refresh and professionalize the college’s broadcast messaging, producing a total of five television commercials and a series of new radio spots. We have also conducted significant market research with the non-traditional student population which has resulted in a TV campaign specifically targeting this population.

On the web, Metrix has produced three top-quality web videos for its information technology curriculum and six additional web videos.  Additionally, Metrix managed a broad-ranging paid digital media campaign on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Search.  During the initial six-week period of this campaign, GCC received over 14,000 clicks and over two million impressions.  Other work performed by Metrix has included media placement & a targeted direct mail campaign. 

The result of all these efforts: growth in market share and increased applications for three years running in an environment where there are significantly fewer new high school graduates each year.

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