Baby Safe Sleep

The Baby Safe Sleep Coalition is dedicated to preventing the deaths of infants from the number one preventable cause of death of children under the age of one in Monroe County – unsafe sleeping. 

Metrix was literally involved with this group before the actual coalition was formed. Its organizers sought out our experience in social marketing – the use of marketing arts and sciences in the promotion of socially important causes. We served on the organization’s steering committee for several years and ultimately provided its first website, its print collateral materials, posters, and a moving video featuring two families who had lost infants to unsafe sleeping accidents. 

Metrix also conducted the organization’s formative research – a series of focus groups featuring low-income women who were pregnant or parenting a child under the age of one and their familial supports – mostly the grandmothers of those children. Years later, Metrix conducted more focus groups that helped the coalition refocus their efforts.

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