Perinatal Network of Monroe County

The Perinatal Network of Monroe County (PNMC) provides access to high-quality, comprehensive care for pregnant and parenting women, and collaborates with health and human service providers to identify and remove barriers to good health. The work they do in the community is invaluable to the population they serve.

When PNMC approached us to develop a brochure, the first order of business was to revise their logo, to build an identity that did a better job of projecting who they are and what they do. Metrix led PNMC staff through a productive branding session that results in a new logo and tagline, “Catalyst for Change.” The new logo captures the sense of forward progress, while the tagline effectively defines the complex role PNMC plays in the health care of low-income babies and their mothers.

To promote their new brand, we worked in conjunction with PNMC to design new business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. A compelling brochure was produced to communicate the agency’s importance to the community and the women they serve.