CB Craft Brewers

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CB Craft Brewers came to us asking how we can help them celebrate the fourth year of their flagship beer, Caged Alpha Monkey IPA, as well as help boost sales.  Metrix developed a campaign named ‘Year of the Monkey’, built around a series of events that culminated in a large celebration party on the first day of summer, called ‘The Monkey’s Summer Solstice Party’.  Our work included strategy, graphic design, radio promotion, social media promotion, event coordination, project management, running various contests including a text-to-win program, and a variation of our Guerrilla Marketing street team service.  From January through June of 2014, we advertised, coordinated, and staffed 24 events at area restaurants and bars, where our ‘promotional ambassadors’ engaged prospective new Caged Alpha Monkey IPA ‘converts’ with promotions, sampling, and contests.

Highlights:  Besides being a lot of fun for event-goers, CB Craft Brewers, and Metrix, the campaign was a success from the start and overall results were better than expected.  During an initial one-month paid advertising period of the Facebook page that Metrix created for ‘Caged Alpha Monkey’, it gained over 600 ‘Likes’.  In the next few months following, it gained another 400+ ‘Likes’ organically.  The Monkey’s Summer Solstice Party had over 1000 attendees and was a huge success.  For the six-month campaign, CB realized a 400% increase in sales of Caged Alpha Monkey compared to the same time period in 2013.  As an additional benefit, CB Craft Brewers brand identity also flourished and new retail channels opened up for the company after the campaign.