Laurel Health System- Fit for Life

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Fit For Life™ was a behavioral modification approach to youth fitness and obesity
prevention and reduction. A series of 10 lessons were created, comprising more than 30 instructional topics combined with a graduated approach to eating a healthier diet and improving physical fitness to achieve long-term change in dietary and fitness habits.

The kits created were available in three developmental grade levels (K-2, 3-5 and 6-8), Fit for Life™ was based on the federal Healthy People 2010 initiative and the 2005 Food Guidance System.

The program consisted of:

A detailed curriculum written by a pediatrician from Yale University
(formerly from Strong Memorial/URMC), a nutritionist from Strong
Memorial Hospital/URMC and a health educator from Rochester General

A well-designed student workbook that integrated the classroom experience
with progressive dietary and fitness changes – in which students keep track of
their experience eating a healthier diet and exercising on a more regular basis
– with built-in positive reinforcements for healthier behaviors. The workbook
also served to draw in parents, with homework exercises that impact the
family meals, family grocery buying, and health and nutritional research,
especially in the younger grades.

A CD-ROM containing classroom materials (including a self-assessment test
for students), background documents, and resource data for teachers.

A classroom poster of the new food pyramid.

A Fit for Life stamp to measure and mark student progress.