UofR Healthy Choices

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When the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Division of Community and Preventative Medicine was awarded a federal grant to address obesity in the workplace at a local manufacturer, they asked Metrix Marketing to provide their comprehensive marketing communications strategy.

The task was challenging because it involved a mix of white and blue-collar employees who were scientists, business people, and line manufacturing workers, and the entire campaign had to be delivered in the workplace. We started with market research which led to a brand strategy, campaign name change and design of print materials, a website- with instant messaging capability for online nutritionist sessions, kiosks and production of promotional items.

Since all employees eat at least one meal at work, and many don’t have the ability to leave the premises, Metrix designed the entire Healthy Choices campaign around the companies cafeterias and lunchrooms. Posters, large LCD displays, table tent cards, and items to identify the healthier cafeteria choices made sure Healthy Choices made an impression on every employee, every day.